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Bible Study Charts: English and Spanish

Gráficos de estudio bíblico: Inglés y Español


That Mean Old Devil – The Origin of Satan

What the Bible says about the origin of the devil and what some people believe are two different things. The Bible lets us know that Satan steals, kills, and destroys. “Bad” is not a strong enough word to describe this enemy who the Bible also calls “the destroyer.”

Where did Satan come from? What is his origin? Was he always “the devil?” Was he ever good? The Bible answers all of these questions and knowing the truth about Satan is the start to having power over his controlling and tempting power. He’s a very real enemy. His purpose is to destroy you and those you love. Download this free e-book written by youth Sunday school teacher Ronald Rhym.



The Heart Chart

God’s Plan of Salvation for Men and Women – A Bible Study Chart
A Bible Study Chart

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This illustrated Bible Study Chart is very helpful in understanding the severe consequences of Adam’s sin thousands of years ago in the Garden of Eden. Adam sinned against God, was separated from Him, and as a result, everyone born into this world is born with a carnal heart that has a tendency to do bad and sin against God.

Since the beginning, God had a plan to help man once again be pure and holy just as Adam and Eve once were. His plan is detailed in the Bible and briefly illustrated in this Bible Study Chart. The three steps in helping you get back into right relationship with God are repentance, justification,and sanctification. Learn what each one is and why God requires all three. If you have further questions after studying this chart it’s important that you ask God in prayer to help you completely understand his plan so that you can live it out. Of course, feel free to Contact Us or call Pastor Hyatt at anytime with your questions or doubts.

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La Caida y Redencion del Hombre

El Plan de Salvación de Dios para Hombres y Mujeres – Un gráfico para estudiar la Biblia

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Este gráfico es muy útil para entender las severas consecuencias del pecado de Adán miles de años atrás en el Jardín del Edén. Adán pecó contra Dios, fue separado de Él, y como resultado, todo el que nace a este mundo nace con un corazón carnal que tiene la tendencia a hacer lo malo y pecar contra Dios.

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The Church That Christ Built – English

Christ built a church, here’s what it looks like – A Bible Study Chart
Where can i find Gods church?

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Every week, people look for a church to attend. So many “Christian” churches, so many different teachings, so much confusion. How can you know if you’re part of God’s church? This illustrated chart is rich with scriptures and details specific points that will help you in your search for the right church for you and your family.

Lots of people think that their church membership is a one way ticket to Heaven. This chart looks at what God requires to be a member of his church. It’s not by singing in the choir, donating money or time, or by having a good singing voice or other musical talent. Instead, it goes much deeper than that. Whether you’re religious or not, this color chart will help you down the right path on your spiritual journey.

Feel trapped at “your church”? Click to download this Bible study chart.




La Iglesia que Cristo Edificó – Español

Cristo construyó una iglesia, se parece a esto – Un gráfico para estudiar la Biblia

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Cada semana, la gente busca una iglesia para asistir. Tantas iglesias “cristianas”, muchas enseñanzas diferentes, tanta confusión. ¿Cómo puedes saber si eres parte de la iglesia de Dios? Esta gráfica contiene muchas escrituras y detalles específicos para ayudarte en tu búsqueda de la iglesia correcta para usted y su familia.

Mucha gente piensa que su membresía en la iglesia es un boleto para ir directamente al cielo. Este gráfico ayuda ver lo que Dios requiere para ser un miembro de su iglesia. La membrecía no es por cantar en el coro, donando dinero o tiempo, o por tener una buena voz para cantar u otro talento musical. En cambio, es mucho más profundo que eso. Si usted es religioso o no, este gráfico de colores te ayudará por el camino correcto en tu viaje espiritual.

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La Biblia – Santa Palabra de Dios


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La mejor traducción de la Biblia Española y la más exacta es la Reina Valera. Especificamente la primera y las revisiones hasta y del 1960. Porque?

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Bible Study Booklets:


What is Is and What its Not – A Bible Study Booklet
A Bible Study Booklet

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This Bible study booklet is an in-depth look into what the word of God teaches about tithing. It answers these questions:

  • What is a tithe?
  • Is Tithing and Old Testament Ordinance?
  • Did Jesus Teach Tithing?
  • Does God require it?
  • What is to be Tithed?
  • What are Offerings?
  • Are offerings good enough?
  • Who can afford to tithe in today’s economy?

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At Evening Time it Shall be Light

A Brief History of the Church
A Brief History of the Church

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The history of the people of God and his church over the last 2,000 years.

From the beginning of time, God has had a faithful band of followers. In the old testament days, it was the Jews who worshiped God and followed Him until the Messiah, Jesus Christ, came to fulfill the long awaited promise of a deliverer and King.
The history of the Church has been a history of great victories and great persecution. It has been highly visible with signs and wonders following its course, and it has appeared obscure and nearly extinct as it sought refuge from persecution in the secret underground worship places. Still, the Church has come through every battle, every phase of history until this present day. It has never gone out of existence and it never will.

Where is this Church, you ask? Where are the people of God and how will I find them? Do they have a name? There are hundreds of churches with hundreds of names and everyone has a different doctrine! Who is right? It is all a mass of confusion!  Click to download and read “At Evening Time it Shall be Light”.

Coming Soon: The Symbols of Revelation and Their Meanings.


Gospel Tracts:


El Don De Hablar En Lenguas

Don_de_Lenguas_version_para_internet¿Qué es el don de hablar en lenguas?

¿Es el mismo don de lenguas que habla la Biblia?

¿Cuáles son las falsas lenguas?

¿Puedo estar lleno del Espíritu Santo y no hablar en lenguas?

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